We propose the application of membrane technologies
to water purification and recycling.
This is meant to contribute to the harmony
of people’s lives in an eco-friendly manner.

Battery separator technology is applied to the membrane products of Yuasa Membrane Systems.
Incorporating our proprietary technology, membrane products have high quality and consistent performance and serve many different applications such as the purification of water for manufacturing food, drainage, collection of valuables from sludge, improvement of product quality and reduction of production cost and environmental load. They contribute to the harmony between global environment and people’s lives.


Y-9207TA ,in Electrolytic Diaphragm For Plating,was released newly.
We will exhibit at “InterAqua 2018 / the 9th International Water Solution Exhibition ”
URL: http://www.interaqua.jp/east/eng/index.html
Name: InterAqua 2018 / the 9th International Water Solution Exhibition
Date & Time: February 14 (Wed.)-February 16(Fri.) 2018 10AM - 5PM
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Hall 1
Display location: 1F-20
The English version website was renewed.
The video of our products and business is uploaded.
The Japanese version website was renewed.
Green procurement guidelines are established.
事業紹介 動画再生 Product information Wide application of Yuasa Membrane System’s products