UF System For Electro Paint Recovery

The UF System for electropaint recovery is optimally designed for the purpose of
recovering electropaints with the use of the Spiral Membrane Module.

This system comprises a Spiral Membrane Module, a pump, a pre-filter, a tank and other components.

In the electropainting process, the water washing process mixes paint with water. This system separates the paint from the water.The separated paint is returned to the electropainting tank and supplied again as paint. This helps reduce the amount of electropaint to be refilled. The separated water is fed into the water washing tank and used again for washing. This helps reduce the pure water consumption. Accordingly, the amount of effluent from the electropainting facility is reduced, and so is the load of the wastewater treatment equipment.

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image:Appearance of UF System

This products contributes to the above goals among the SDGs.

Electropainting Process

image:Electropainting Process
Electropaint- ing tank
The inside of the tank has a positive electrode separated by a diaphragm, and the object to be painted is connected to a negative electrode. High voltage is applied to adhere the paint components to the object.
Overflowing washing water returns from the water washing tank mentioned below.
Water washing tanks
There is an unwanted portion of paint components on the painted object taken out of the electropainting tank. They are recovered in the water washing tanks by immersing the object in water or by rinsing the unwanted portion off with a shower. In many cases, there is more than one such tank, and the final water washing tank uses pure water for washing.
A UF system with a larger number of water washing tanks (normally two to five such tanks) and a higher filtration capacity requires a smaller amount of pure water to be refilled and has a higher paint recovery rate.

Guarantee of the penetration fluid volume in the UF System

An insufficient amount of penetration fluid impairs the cleanliness of the water washing tanks, destabilizing the painting properties, increasing the effluent load and causing many other problems.
The guarantee program for the amount of penetration fluid will prevent the situation mentioned above and ensure that the UF system will function constantly.

Guarantee details
We will inspect the UF system free of charge two to four times a year and report on the state of its operation.
If the penetration fluid volume falls below the guaranteed level, we will immediately clean the Spiral Membrane Module with chemical agents or replace the Module to ensure the guaranteed level of the penetration fluid volume.
It is possible to reduce the man-hours required for the maintenance of the UF system.
Expenses for purchasing Spiral Membrane Modules as consumable items can be leveled.
This guarantee program is available for systems of other manufacturers as well.
Optional service
Optionally, we will regularly monitor the state of operation of the UF system (in terms of pressure and flow rate) using the remote monitoring system and notify the customer as soon as any abnormality occurs. (Monitoring is conducted only on our business days.)

The conclusion of the penetration fluid volume guarantee contract is subject to conditions. For the cost, conditions and other details, please contact the following.