YUASA Electrolytic Diaphragm For Plating

The electrolytic diaphragm controls the consumption of additives and enhances plating performance.

Newly released "Y-9207TA".
The effective width was 1.5 times compared with a conventional product.

image:Appearance of The electrolytic diaphragm


  • Being microporous, the neutral membrane involves low electric resistance and smaller movements of liquid.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals.
  • It can be handled easily because it can be kept in dry conditions before use.
  • It can be processed in many different forms such as slit, bag and frame welding.
  • Less expensive than ion exchange membranes.


  • Diaphragm for copper plating (especially effective in printed circuit boards necessitating fine controls, such as via filling and through hole)
  • Diaphragm for nickel plating
  • All applications of electric plating


Model Material Thickness*1
Electricity resistance*2
Water permeability
at 50.7kPa、25℃)
Storage Processing Width*3
Membrane Base
Y-9205TA Polyvinylidene fluoride
Titanium oxide、Sucrose fatty acid ester
≦0.0060 Neutral ≧10 Can be stored in dry conditions 500
Y-9207TA 0.17


2Fall-of-potential method (d=1.200 H 2 SO 4 25°C)

3We will cut it desired legth.

The information shown above are representative values and are not guaranteed.

Effects of the diaphragm

image:Effects of the diaphragm

Comparison of cost for additive (examples)

image:Comparison of cost for additive
No diaphragm With diaphragm Cost savings
1,800,000yen/month 200,000yen/month 1,600,000yen/month

for a plating area of 10,000m2/month