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image:Appearance of YUASA Membrane Filters

YUASA Membrane Filters

The high-quality filter allows for precise and large-quantity filtration.

image:Appearance of YUASA Cartridge Filters

YUASA Cartridge Filters

The high-accuracy membrane cartridge filter was developed with our proprietary technology.

image:Appearance of YUASA Electrolytic Diaphragm For Plating

YUASA Electrolytic Diaphragm For Plating

The electrolytic diaphragm controls the consumption of additives and enhances plating performance.

image:Appearance of YUASA Grafted Membrane

YUASA Grafted Membrane

The ion-selective permeable membrane uses radiation graft polymerization, a technology widely used in alkaline battery separators.

image:Appearance of YUASA Hollow Fiber Membrane Filters

YUASA Hollow Fiber Membrane Filters

The hollow fiber membrane filters use polysulfone, a substance with excellent filtration performance and heat and chemical resistance.

image:Appearance of Filtration System With YUASA

Filtration System With YUASA

The filtration system uses Yuasa hollow fiber membrane filters.
It is mainly used for the filtration of Japanese sake, medical solutions, beverages and food.

image:Appearance of YUASA Spiral Membrane Modules

YUASA Spiral Membrane Modules

The reliable spiral membrane modules use microporous thin membranes developed by Yuasa.

image:Appearance of UF System For Electro Paint Recovery

UF System For Electro Paint Recovery

The filtration system uses Yuasa spiral membrane modules.
It is mainly used to collect electrode position coating materials.

image:Appearance of YUASA Immersion Membrane Elements

YUASA Immersion Membrane Elements

The membrane element using Yuasa membrane filter.Immersing a precision filtration membrane in water in a tank separates solids from water and helps to obtain treated water of consistent quality.

image:Appearance of YUASA Immersion Membrane Modules

YUASA Immersion Membrane Modules

This system simultaneously facilitates aeration and filtration by the membrane module using Yuasa Immersion Type Elements.
It is mainly used to filter organic and inorganic wastewater and to reduce wastewater.

image:Appearance of Backwash Flat Membrane System

Backwash Flat Membrane System

Using Yuasa’s backwash immersion membrane elements, the system filters and regularly backwashes inorganic liquid waste to condense and collect solids from the membrane's surface.
It is used to reduce sludge and to collect valuables from it.

image:Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages

  • Beer/Sake
  • Groundwater/Soft Drink Material
  • Isomerized Sugar


  • Cosmetic
  • Refrigerant for Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Sulfuric Acid
image:Diaphragm for Plating

Diaphragm for Plating

  • Diaphragms for Copper Sulphate Plating
  • Diaphragms for Nickel Electrolytic Plating
image:Diaphragm for Electrolyzed Water

Diaphragm for Electrolyzed Water

  • Acid Erectrolyzed Water Generator
  • Diaphragms for Alkaline Ion Water Purifiers
image:Diaphragm for Battery

Diaphragm for Battery

  • Alkaline Battery
  • Silver Oxide Battery
image:Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)

Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)

  • Food Plants/Soft Drink Plants
  • Medical and Chemical Plants
  • Dry Cleaning Plants
  • Automobile Plants
image:Waste Water for Inorganic Water

Waste Water for Inorganic Water

  • Semiconductor Plants (Recovery of Silicon)
  • Substrate Plants (Ex:Glass)
image:Electrodeposition Painting

Electrodeposition Painting

  • Electrodeposition Painting Process


  • Semiconductor Plants(Recovery of Silicon)
  • Rare Metal