Backwash Flat Membrane System

Backwash Flat Membrane System involves suction filtration to form a layer of sludge caked on the flat membrane surface and, by means of backwashing, peels off and collects the cake.
The system can be used to reduce sludge and collect valuables from it.

image:Appearance of Backwash Flat Membrane System


  • Without the use of flocculants, the system allows for sludge dewatering at a water content ranging between 30 and 70 wt%*.
  • The use of a membrane with a nominal pore size of 0.25μm controls SS in filtrate at or below 1 mg/L.

The moisture content of the recovered sludge and the filtration wire bundle will differ depending on the raw water properties.


  • Collection of silicon abrasive powder
  • Collection of rare metal
  • Reduction of sludge


Model Unit Flat Membrane element
Effective membrane area m2 0.1
Nominal pore size μm 0.25
Standard filtration flux* m/day 0.1〜5
Material Membrane Filters :Membrane Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride、Sucrose fatty acid ester
Base Polyethylene terephthalate

Plate : ABS
Operating temperature range °C 5〜38
Operating pressure range kPa -98〜20
Applicable pH range 3〜10

The filtration flux depend on the condition of its use.


image:Structure of Backwash Flat Membrane System


image:Flow of Backwash Flat Membrane System