President's Message

This company was spun off from the membrane system division of Yuasa Corporation in 2002.

Our business dates back to the 1960s, namely the commercialization of a precision filtration filter, which was a separator for the lead-acid batteries developed by Yuasa Battery Co., Ltd. (currently GS Yuasa International Ltd.).
Yuasa was one of the first Japanese companies to commercialize membrane filters and has used them for many different applications, such as separation, refinement and purification.
We take pride in offering membrane products that serve customers' technological innovations and the development of new products.

As people's interest in environmental issues grows, so do the needs for eco-friendly products using membranes. In particular, water is an internationally recognized important resource and is expected to take on greater importance in many countries and regions.
In recent years, the use of membranes for environmental purification and water treatment has drawn a lot of interest and the demand for membranes is consistently increasing.
We satisfy this demand by introducing membrane products to applications such as wastewater treatment. In this way, we have contributed to society and gained a high degree of trust from customers. Membrane technology, our specialty, is greatly expected to be a core technology for solving tough problems in all spheres of water treatment.

Amid this social environment, we consider the utilization of our membrane technology in water purification and recycling to be our most important commitment as we keep contributing to the harmony of people's lives in an eco-friendly manner through the development and supply of membrane products.
We will pursue these commitments by developing our business more actively and speedily. Each of our staff members will continue endeavoring to become a business enterprise that is capable of contributing to society.
Your continued support and cooperation is be highly appreciated.


Keiichi Isobe