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Website Usage Regulations

This is the official website operated by Yuasa Membrane Systems Co., Ltd.(hereinafter "the Company").
Before using the website, please read and consent to the regulations below.
People who use the Company's website will be assumed to have consented to all of these regulations.

Usage Regulations

1. Copyright

The copyright to all data presented on the Company's website (text, design, images, etc.) belongs to the Company. However, some material in the website might have been outsourced for production. In principle, the copyright to such material belongs to the original producer.
Unless permission is obtained in advance from the Company, printing and storage of materials from this website for personal use, or any other use of materials from this website exceeding the bounds recognized by the Copyright Act (such as reproduction, falsification, distribution, alteration, mutilation, etc.) is forbidden.

2. Trademarks and Corporate Logos

The right to use trademarks and corporate logos shown on the Company's website belongs to the Company and those to whom it grants that right. Use of trademarks and corporate logos without permission of the right holders is prohibited.

3. Links

Links to the Company's website may be set up only after an application to the Company is made and permission is granted.

4. E-Mail

E-mail responses from the Company are sent for the purpose of answering customers' inquiries, and they are addressed to individual customers.
The copyright to such e-mail responses belongs to the Company, so please refrain from reprinting the Company's e-mail responses on another website or in a publication without permission, forwarding them in whole or in part, making secondary use or them, or other use.
Depending on the content of the reply, the Company might respond by telephone or letter rather than by e-mail in some cases. Also, response times might vary. The Company asks for your understanding.

5. Other

The Company does not guarantee the data or other content on its website, nor does it guarantee links made to its website. The Company accepts no responsibility for damage that might be incurred by the use of data from its website.
The Company does not guarantee the content of websites that are linked to the Company's website.
Data and other information on the Company's website might be changed or discontinued without notice. The Company asks for your understanding.