YUASA Spiral Membrane Modules

YUASA Spiral Membrane Modules

YUASA Spiral Membrane Modules feature membrane elements prepared by forming microporous membranes develop in spiral form enclosed in housings.
Filtration systems utilizing these easy-to-handle modules are reputed to have outstanding reliability based on the operation expertise accumulated over a long period of time, and have an extensive delivery track record.

Structure of Yuasa Spiral Membrane Modules

Structural Diagram of Yuasa Spiral Membrane Modules


  • Excellent chemical resistance for applicability in a wide pH range from 1 to 12.
  • Cumbersome wet storage is not required because they are dry membranes.
  • Higher paint recovery rate, lower pure water consumption and lower effluent load in combination with reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.
  • Five different types of modules designed for different treatment capacities to cover a wide range of water volumes.


  • Electropainting Process
  • Recovery of cation, anion and clear electro-deposition paints


Model Exterior dimensions
Effective filtration area
sq. meters
Withstanding pressure
Withstanding heat
deg. C
Paint circulation rate
Designed filtration volume
Housing structure & material
YSP-75M φ102×1,180 3 0.39 35 60 0.5 PVC integrated
YSP-100M φ130×1,185 7 80 1.5~2.5
UFC-12M φ140×1,180 10 0.49 40 200 2 Stainless steel
UFC-125M 12.5 140
UFC-150N φ175×1,330 19 140 to 160 5 to 10 FRP
Depending on differential pressure
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