Yuasa Immersion Type Modules and Membrane Element

ユアサ 浸漬型膜 エレメント
ユアサ 浸漬型膜 モジュール

Yuasa Immersion Type Modules is a tank-immersion-type module for a large-capacity membrane filtration using the precision filtration membrane (Yuasa membrane filter) that was originally developed by Yuasa Membrane Systems.
Yuasa Immersion Type Modules involves immersing a precision filtration membrane in water in the tank, to separate solids from raw water. This eliminates bacteria and fine particles and helps obtain treated water of consistent quality.


  • Space saving
    • ・No sedimentation basin or filtration machine is required. Overall, it occupies a smaller space for installation.
    • ・It allows for high-load operation.
    • ・High efficiency in membrane volume
  • Energy saving
    • ・The original element structure allows for membrane separation at low pressure.
    • ・Power cost can be saved with suction filtration or gravity filtration.
    • ・The reinforcement frame of the element enhances durability and allows for long operation.
  • Easy maintenance
    • ・Precision filtration ensures consistency in the quality of treated water.
    • ・The membrane surface is cleaned by aeration, which helps maintain the filtration's performance for a long period.
    • ・Each element is disposable and replaceable. It is easy to handle.
  • High-concentration operation
    • ・The membrane module allows for operation in highly concentrated liquid more than the hollow fiber membrane does.
    • ・It can also be used to condense sludge.


  • Treatment of domestic wastewater such as the water in a combination septic tank
  • Treatment of wastewater from food
  • Treatment of wastewater from stockbreeding
  • Treatment of wastewater from semiconductor plants
  • Treatment of wastewater from general plants
  • Service water purification process


Yuasa immersion membrane module

Model Unit Membrane element
TC 10A05 TC 05A05 TC 03A02
Effective membrane area m2 0.8 0.4 0.1
External dimension mm W490×H1000×T6(Type H)
W490×H1000×T7.5(Type S)
W490×H490×T7.5 W240×H340×T7.5
Nominal pore size μm 0.25
Standard filtration flux m/day 0.2~1.0
Material Membrane: chlorinated polyvinyl chloride
Spacer: polypropylene and polyester
Reinforcing frame: PVC, ABS
Operating temperature range 0 - 55
(Do not freeze)
0 - 40
(Do not freeze)
Operating pressure range Kpa -49~0
Applicable pH range 3 - 10

Yuasa immersion membrane element

Model Membrane Unit External dimension
D×W×H (㎜)
Quantity Membrane area (m2)
TC10A05-50 50 40 792×600×1,520
TC10A05-75 75 60 1,142×600×2,020
TC10A05-100 100 80 1,494×600×2,020
TC10A05-125 125 100 1,846×600×2,020
TC10A05-150 150 120 2,205×600×2,020
TC10A05-200 200 160 2,925×620×2,020

*Element: TC10A05
*The filtration flux depend on the condition of its use.
*For improvements, the external dimension may be changed without prior notice.
The Yuasa Z-type Module acquired certification for the tap water membrane module standard by the Association of Membrane Separation Technology, Japan (Membrane module certification No. 369).

Immersion and membrane separation system

Yuasa immersion membrane module involves immersing a membrane element in water in the tank and filtering it by suction and gravity. On the membrane surface, suspension particles form a dynamic filter layer. Furthermore, the aeration cleaning from the bottom of the tank prevents membrane blockage and thus allows for long operation in high-concentration wastewater.

Immersion and membrane separation system

Installation of activated sludge treating sysytem


Membrane module structure


Flow sheet of wastewater treatment of dicing process


Membrane element

<Appearance and characteristics>

  • With the original element structure, it can be operated at low pressure.
  • Each element is disposable and replaceable. It is easy to handle.
  • The reinforcement frame of the element enhances durability and allows for long operation.
Membrane element
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