YUASA Grafted Membrane

YUASA Grafted Membrane

The ion-selective permeable membrane uses radiation graft polymerization.

Yuasa grafted membrane is an ion-selective permeable membrane, made with the graft polymerization of acrylic acid on polyethylene film.
It combines the mechanical strength and chemical stability of polyethylene with the ionic permeability of acrylic acid. Because of the characteristics, the grafted membrane is widely used as an alkaline battery separator.


  • The thin membrane (approx. 25 μm) is compatible with smaller batteries.
  • Incorporating technology for controlling graft polymerization, the grafted membrane is available within a low and wide area ranging between 20 m and 120 mΩ・in2.
  • The multi-layer laminate technology with cellophane and non-woven cloth makes the grafted membrane compatible with many different applications.
  • It can be processed in many different forms such as slit, bag and frame welding.


  • Button-type silver oxide battery separator
  • Separator for nickel-cadmium batteries
    Exclusive for GS Yuasa open type
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