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Yuasa Membrane Systems Co., Ltd. Basic Policy on the Environment

Basic principles

Yuasa Membrane Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “YMS”) considers the conservation of the global environment to be one of the most important issues in terms of the company’s business operations. YMS contributes to the realization of a sustainable society through the development, manufacture and sales of purified and recycled water using membrane technologies.

Action guidelines

  1. We evaluate the effects of our business activities and products on the environment and try to reduce the environmental load and prevent contamination by saving energy and resources and reducing and recycling waste. We will continue to pursue the improvement of these efforts.
  2. We exercise consideration for environmental conservation in developing and designing products with an aim of reducing the environmental load throughout a product's lifecycle, from its development and design to its manufacture, use and disposal.
  3. We try to reduce the environmental load throughout the supply chain that includes all suppliers, such as those involved in material procurement and logistics.
  4. We develop our environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001 and implement environmental management activities based on the policies, objectives and goals of all offices of the GS Yuasa Group.
  5. We follow the laws, ordinances, agreements and other regulations relating to the environment and other requirements to which YMS consents. As necessary, we may also formulate voluntary standards in an effort to facilitate environmental conservation.
  6. We ensure that YMS undergoes environmental audits and reviews by the management, in an effort to maintain and continuously improve our environmental management system.
  7. Through education and training, all employees of YMS raise their awareness about the environment and contribute to society through involvement in conservation activities.
  8. We disclose all of our information relating to the environment, including this basic policy, in an effort to maintain good communication with society including stakeholders.

Instituted on: October 1, 2015

Yuasa Membrane Systems Co., Ltd.
President Shoji Ogura

Green Procurement Standard

For details, seeYMS Green Procurement Standard.

1. In terms of procurement, Yuasa Membrane Systems gives priority to suppliers that actively undertake environmental conservation activities and whose activities are certified by an outside third party*.
*The following are adopted in the Green Procurement Standard.

2. Yuasa Membrane Systems procures raw materials and components that entail smaller environmental burdens and contain no substances that are prohibited by the Yuasa Group.

Suppliers are requested to provide information as follows.

1. Status of acquisition of environmental certifications

On a regular basis, we ask suppliers for information about the status of their acquisition of environmental certifications.

2. Content of chemical substances in delivered products

Whenever appropriate, we will conduct an investigation in accordance with the YMS Chemical Substances Management Guidelines.

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